Batch 004 (Passionsquirt)

  Style: Passionfruit Saison

Have you ever tasted something that rubbed you just the right way? Juicy and tart, with explosive flavor? This passionfruit saison is just that thing: yellow and mellow in color, with a quickly disappearing white head,  and a nice tart and fruity aroma that plays across your senses gently and seductively. You'll be past the point of excitement once this libatious liquid enters your mouth and pleasantly funky flavor spreads across your tongue. You can't help but blush. Fruity, tart, clean and easy to drink, this beer is perfect to help loosen your inhibitions for the end of summer, and the well disguised 8.7% ABV only greases the wheels for this endeavor. Enjoy one, or four, and see where the night takes you.


Pale 2 row

Red Wheat

Belgian Candy Sugar




WLP 566

OG: 19 P

FG: 3.5 P

ABV: 8.7%

IBU: 29

SRM: 4