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Grog of the Grogan (Wee Heavy)

Grog of the Grogan is a collaboration with our Columbus, Ohio friends, North High Brewing. The beer is named after mythical Scottish faeries, who, while not pleasant to the eye, made farmer's tasks easier. It's also a reference to Milo-Grogan, the Columbus neighborhood that houses North High's production brewery. (It is decidedly NOT a reference to the Urban Dictionary definition of "grogan," you disgusting pervert.) Grog of the Grogan is dark and luscious, a malt-forward ale that clocks in at 10.4% ABV.



American 2 Row

Dark Crystal

Roasted Barley



Brown Sugar






Email me if you want the complete recipe.



OG: 22.5 P

FG: 4 P

ABV: 10.4%

SRM: 23

IBU: 28

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