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The Blind Man's Bluff


Style: Old Ale



I'm not bluffing when I tell you that this beer is teeming with flavor. It introduces itself with a rich coffe like roast flavor and an enriching sweetness. The roasty flavor abreviates and the beer evolves as it opens and warms up liberating more toffee and malty notes courtesy of a special and rare type of Crystal malt. Finishing dry it still imparts a remnants of sweet roasty flavors that linger on the tongue and leave you thirsting for more. Be mindful though, the alcohol in this beer is extremely well hidden. If not careful you will be blind drunk before you know it.




Pale 2-row

Pale Chocolate Malt



Dark Crystal






House Strain


OG: 21 P

FG: 6 P

ABV: 8.5%

IBU: 47

SRM: 26



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