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Batch 032: Fluffy Lemon Clouds

Lemon Meringue Sour

In the 19th century a Swiss baker perfected what we today call the lemon meringue pie. In homage of his gift to every person with a sweet tooth who has lived since then we give our latest sour beer based on a sweet treat. This beer is pumped full of lemons and vanilla, giving a lovely balance between sweet and tart. Light on the palate, just like the pie, this beer is flavorful enough to be enjoyed with just one and light enough to be drank all day long. So as spring comes lets honor that beautiful Swiss baker, crack open a beer or ten, and drink promiscuously friends!




2 Row

White Wheat


House Ale


IBU: 7

SRM: 3

ABV: 4.8

Available States:


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