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Batch 018: Gimme Smore Beer

Chocolate Graham Cracker Marshmallow Vanilla Stout

S'mores, that little campfire box of sweet gooey deliciousness. How could it be any better? Oh wait, obviously if it was a beer. So we decided to make it happen. The base of this beer is a nice roasty full bodied stout, and then all the fun accouterments were added. Marshmallows, graham crackers, vanilla, all that shit goes in to this beer, plus a little bit of love make this baby hum. So light up the fire, get your lovin in, and drink promiscuously friends!


Hops: Columbus



Graham Flour

Chocolate Malt

Roasted Barley


House Ale

IBU: 35

SRM: 36

ABV: 7.5

Available States:




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