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Batch 011: South of the Border Hangover Cure

Raspberry Lime Gose

We don't know about you, but we love margaritas. On the beach, with some tacos, in the morning, they're great just about all of the time. Given our unadulterated infatuation with this enchanting beverage, we bring a beer with the spirit of bad decisions and salt rims. The base beer is a gose, a slightly sour ale with a delicious saltiness, then added tart key lime juice and delicious raspberry to make a balanced, drinkable, and succulent beverage. Our favorite way to enjoy it is with some ritas, and then with breakfast to help ease the pain away the next morning. We have faith you'll find some way to enjoy it as well. Cheers!



White Wheat

Flaked Wheat




House Lactobacillus

OG: 1.056

FG:  1.010

IBU:  5.1

SRM:  4
ABV:  6.0%

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