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Batch 009: Reichlich Hopfen

German IPA

The Germans are good at a bunch of stuff: sausages, cars, big ass walls. But IPAs are not one of the things that people put on that list. We figured why not? Time to change people's perceptions on IPAs and German hops at the same time. So we took a nice base sticky IPA that we love to make, and then fucked around and dumped in a bunch of unusual floral and juicy hops from Germany.  We're not talking about perle, or tettnanger, but some really funky shit. The result is this juxtaposition of traditional beer making and good old fashioned American ingenuity. So prost to all you fine people out there who love to drink some dank ass beer that doesn't follow the rules... like us!!


Pale Malt

White Wheat Malt


Hallertau Blanc

Experimental German Hops


WLP 029 German Ale 

OG: 1.077

FG: 1.016

IBU: 52.6

SRM: 4.1

ABV: 8.0%

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