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Batch 008: Senor Stathes

Style: Wee Heavy

Ahh yes, when one of our friends asked us to brew this big, brooding, badass sibling to a scottish ale how could we refuse? We even figured fuck it, why not give him some love in the name. Full of caramel sweetness, just like us of course, this beer will welcome you in with open arms and leave you trying to piece together all the fun you had the night before. This guy can be consumed fresh, or will mature and evolve for years in the can if you have the mental fortitude to put its deliciousness aside.


Pale Malt

Chateau Melano Light

Special B

Flaked Barley

Chateau Cara Gold

Chateau Cara Ruby




London Ale

OG: 1.098 SG

FG: 1.022 SG

ABV: 10.8%

IBU: 18.7

SRM: 20.2

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